Registration, booking and payment policy


To use the club children must be registered through our online system and paying the annual fee.

By registering with the Club, parents/guardians are deemed to accept the rules of the Club as set out in the handbook and the Club's policies.

Annual fees are payable each year for September to August. This fee will be added to your August statement and payment must be made by 1st September.

Failure to pay the annual fee by this date will result in your registration being cancelled and any allocated places will be lost.

Parents or guardians who register children then become members of the Club are entitled to vote and stand for membership of the Management Committee.

The Management Committee have the right to reject applications for registration and - for good and sufficient reason - to terminate the registration of any member. In such circumstances, the reasons for doing so will be given to the member concerned in writing and they shall have the right to be heard by the Committee before a final decision is made.


The Management Committee reserves the right to change fees but undertakes to advise parents/guardians of registered children of any change as early as possible but undertake to give at least one month's notice for all but exceptional circumstances.

The fees as of July 2017 are shown below:-


    7.30 am to 8:45 am - £4.25


    3.15 pm to 6 pm - £9.25


    Full day - 7:30 am to 6 pm - £23.00

    School Day - 9 am to 3:30 pm - £15.50

    Fridays Only - 7:30 am to 5 pm - £21.00


    £20 per child per year

Booking a Place

To book a permanent place you must request the sessions you would like through our online system.

If  a place is available for your chosen  session(s) you will be sent an email which will confirm your child(rens) sessions.  If you are a new member , the annual fee will be added to your statement for immediate payment.

Please note once a permanent place has been booked, 4 weeks written notice will be required to cancel or amend any session(s).

Any places that are booked will automatically be held over the start of the  new school year in September.

Offer letters for places for children starting in a reception class in September will be sent out shortly after the Easter holidays. All places will start at the beginning of the school year in September.

Parents are liable for payment for absences through sickness, cancellations or changes. Absences such as holiday, school trips etc. are charged at half fees providing 4 weeks written notice is provided. School inset days are not charged.

Casual or ad-hoc sessions can only be booked depending on if a place is available. You will need to be registered with the club and have paid the annual fee to book a session.

You must request the sessions you would like through our online system and will be included in the months statement.

Holiday club

Holiday club booking forms are sent out approximately 4 weeks prior to commencement.

You will need to be registered with the club and have paid the annual fee to a book a place.  Places are allocated on a first come first serve basis and must be requested through our online system.


If a place is available you will be sent an email which will confirm our child(res) places.


Please note once a holiday club place has been booked, no cancellations or amendments can be made (including sickness).

You must request the places you would like through our online system.

In the event of all our schools closing or hosting and inset day simultaneously, the Club will make every effort to convene a Holiday club subject to staff availability and there being sufficient demand for places.

Invoices and payment

Invoices will be available to view from the 1st of every month through our online system.


Each child's attendance is conditional upon continued payment of fees.

Fees are expected to be paid one month in advance and we have 14 day payment terms.  Payment received after this date will be deemed to be late and will be subject to the late payment policy.

Payment can be made by online or telephone banking (contact for details) or with childcare vouchers.  Cheque (payable to 'Mangotsfield Out of School Club') and cash payments are also accepted but not encouraged.

If paying by cash please ensure you obtain a receipt.

If your child is starting school in a reception class for September in order to retain a place during the settling in period 50% fees are payable (providing the place is not used). Any sessions that are used will be charged at the full rate. These fees are payable in advance prior to September and upon receipt of your acceptance slip an invoice will be sent out to you during August requesting payment.

Late payment

Fees are considered overdue if not received by the due date shown on the invoice.

When fees are outstanding the following course of action will be taken:-

  • A letter will be sent detailing the outstanding amount and requesting payment within 7 days. An administration fee of £5 will be added to your account (this will be shown on your next invoice).

  • If payment is still not received by the specified date, your place will be suspended and your child/children will not be able to attend the club until payment in full is received.

  • Cases will be referred to the Club's treasurer and Management Committee. The Club's treasurer will then issue a final demand for payment.

  • If payment is still not received by the date outlined in the club treasurer's letter then registration will be cancelled and places will be lost. The Club's policy is to pursue and recover all outstanding debts and it uses all legal means at its disposal, including use of the small claims court. As a non-profit making organisation, failure to settle outstanding fees impacts all other users in the Club in the form of increased fees.

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