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Our Terms & Conditions

The Club’s biggest priority is the safety of children, and that they feel safe, comfortable and have lots of fun


This can only be achieved by having clear and succinct policies and procedures in place which staff and parents/ carers alike are aware of and adhere to

The Committee reviews our formal policies on an annual basis; unless a direct need to review and amend them occurs outside of this time-frame

The Club communicates changes to policies through regular emails to parents/ carers of children who currently attend the Club

Before agreeing the Club’s terms and conditions through our online registration process, it is really important that this information has been read and understood

The Club's latest newsletters and Ofsted inspection reports are available for all parents/ carers to read

1. Safeguarding

2. Health & Safety

3. Admissions

4. Arrivals & Departures

5. Settling In

6. Behaviour Management

7. Illness & Accident

8. Complaints

9. Uncollected Children

10. Early Years Foundation Stage

11. Play

12. Administering Medicines

13. Missing Child

14. Payment

15. Healthy Lifestyle

16. Privacy and Data Protection

17. Anti-Bullying

18. Equal Opportunities

19. Extremism & Radicalisation

20, Emergency Evacuation

21. Fire & Risk

22. Photography in the Workplace

23. Intimate Care

24. Mobile Phone

25. Pandemic

26. Safe Internet Use

27. Surveillance Check

28. Suspension & Exclusion

Our latest Ofsted inspection reports for the Club are available here